Rules for Apartment Living, circa 1965

My apartment building was built in the mid 1960s as a retirement-oriented living place. The apartments were tricked out with the latest and greatest pastel fashion colored appliances: pink or yellow bathrooms (yes — tub, tile, sink, and commode all in said color), and pink or blue kitchens (fridge, stove and dishwasher.)

I am thankful my apartment’s baby blue appliances were yanked from the walls before I took up residence. Unfortunately, the yellow tub and sink did not meet a similar fate. One other relic from the apartment’s original incarnation was found stapled inside one of my kitchen cabinets. It was a list of rules for genteel apartment living. I think my favorite rule is not to grind up anything stringy in the garbage disposal and to avoid grinding pits and bones to spare one’s neighbors from the "terrible noise".

I share the list here for your pleasure. Yes, photo #2 is crooked but I am too lazy to retake the photo today.

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