NY Wine Shipping Ban Overturned!

I was happy to read this morning that one of my least favorite laws (banning shipping of wine into NYC without going through a local distributor) has been overturned by the Supreme Court. No, I don’t work in the wine industry. But I am a wine lover who has been annoyed by her inability to ship wine home from NYC, and to send friends outside of California wine as gifts. This is how I *like* to see my tax dollars at work.

Here’s hoping the other 20-something similar laws are also overturned soon. It was surprisingly close though (5-4). Apparently Justice Clarence Thomas argued in his dissenting view that the ruling needlessly overturns long-established regulations aimed partly at protecting minors. Yeah. Because we all know that minors are itching to order wine from CA vineyards and not to go shoulder-tapping at the local convenience market. Uh huh.

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