PHOTOS: New DeYoung Museum

Although the museum doesn’t officially open until October 15, the cafe and bookstore have been open for a few weeks to give the curious (and the impatient members) a chance to take a look around. Although most of the artworks inside retain their packing shrouds, the Goldsworthy rock installation in the entrance to the museum is in use, and the Richter photo mural in the lobby is viewable.

The parts of the museum that are currently open were teaming with people this afternoon. Word has started to get out that there’s finally a good place to make a pitstop in the midst of a stroll through Golden Gate Park. The cafe prices are in line with the former cafe, but the light-filled space, with its glass lollipop shaped lights and tinker toys structure chairs, are worlds beyond the former museum cafe.

I was pleased to find the Izze’s pomagranite as an alternative to soda, but vexed that their only ice tea was bottled or from the soda fountain. And although our chocolate mousse cake was inexplicably dry, I would go back again for food because the sandwiches on airy artisan bread looked so tasty…

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