New Kettle Chips flavors a mixed bag

While most people I know have a sweet tooth, I truly have more of a salt tooth. This explains, in part, how I ended up coming home from Andronico’s grocery store last week with 3 new Kettle Chips snacks. Their New York Cheddar chips have long been one of my top salty treats

Apparently, they had some sort of new flavor survey (I think I actually got hit up by one of those Internet surveying firms to anonymously answer what type of snack food flavors sounded like a good idea and which should be canned) and are now releasing the flavors that had the most votes…Spicy Thai and Cheddar Beer. For good measure, I also brought home a flavor I’d never seen before — Red Pepper and Goat Cheese.

  • The Cheddar and Beer chips are on a par with my beloved New York Cheddar chips. The beer is noticeable as a malty taste more than reminiscent of any particular beer style, and the cheddar is outstanding.
  • The Spicy Thai chips, with their sweet and sour taste that lingers on your lips, is also a good snack, though it can be a little overpowering for eating with other foods.
  • Of the lot, only the Red Pepper and Goat Cheese was disappointing. The flavor was closer to a Terra veggie chip than a Kettle chip, with almost no goat cheese taste to speak of. I would definitely not purchase them again.

They must have been happy with the results — they’re at it again. This time, they’re asking for beverage inspired concoctions. Dr. Pepper or Margarita chips anyone?

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