Spring Fling

Lackluster produce on our limited trips to the grocery store plus full-on World of Warcraft obsession as I sprinted to the final level (60) last month while traveling excessively for work meant dinners got simple and not so exciting. I mean, I forgot for 24 hours that I’d put oven spray in the oven, and then took all week to clean it up enough to use it again. That’s how little I was doing any serious cooking.

The sunshine and my purchase of an amazing selection of treats at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market today makes up for that barren month:

1x basket of luscious, fragrant little strawberries
¾ pounds freshly shelled peas
Half pound of medium-sized fava beans
2x Sicilian thornless artichokes
1x Mt. tam triple crème cheese
1x big wedge of imported parmesan
1x sweet batard
4x ½” slices of boneless pork loin, pounded by the butcher
2x market steaks
1x ground beef

The above will be used as follows…

Breaded, baked pork loin with a fava bean and parmesan shavings “salad” and roasted yukon gold potatoes. Fettucine or tagliatelle with a crème sauce, bacon and peas. Seared steak with a red wine sauce and artichokes with aioli. “Taco Mac” – a.k.a. 1 box of Annie’s Organics mac n’ cheese blended with a pound of seasoned taco meat. Baguette and cheese for starters until it’s gone. Strawberries and ice cream from Joe’s Ice Cream up the street after all the Nilla Wafer banana pudding I made last night is gone.

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