Bristol Farms at Westfield SF Shopping Center

Until recently, my only real option for healthy snacks for during my work day was hitting up the Tuesday lunchtime Farmers Market at the Ferry Building. And although I truly adore that market, most of what I want from there needs to be brought home and prepared, rather than being a great afternoon no hassle snack.

When I’d feel especially motivated, I’d walk to the SOMA location of Whole Foods, but it is such a trek from the Financial District that it would leave me hot and sweaty from power walking carrying a heavy grocery sack full of treats, and out of time to actually enjoy some lunch.

When I got my first glimpse of the Bristol Farms in the new Westfield San Francisco shopping mall at Union Square, I was thrilled that I’d finally have the ability to buy the same great breakfast foods and snacks I had at home to eat at work. (In case you are wondering why I didn’t just bring in food from home, I ride MUNI buses to and from work — it’s a pain to have a big heavy bag on a standing room only bus and leaving things unrefrigerated for 30-45 minutes is not such a great idea.) On a nice day, it’s a 15 minute walk, otherwise BART and MUNI metro underground all stop at the Powell station that is adjacent to the subterranean market.

The store is gorgeous, and they stock most of the same brands I buy at Andronico’s. Plus they have a big selection of hot food, and a great panini bar. Here’s what made it back to work with me:

  • Turkey cheddar panini for lunch
  • Baby carrots in individual bags
  • Boursin garlic herb cheese spread
  • Republic of Tea vanilla almond tea (bags)
  • Fage Greek honey yogurt
  • Nature Valley oats and honey granola bars
  • Bristol Farms chili peanuts

I plan to make a weekly trek to the store to stock oup the work fridge with food I not only like to eat, but that is better for me than the prepared options in the vicinity. Yeah for making buying god food easier!

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