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Food news from around the web…

  • The Philadelphia Daily News had a nice profile on Ruth Reichl this week.
  • NotMartha blogged on some tempting holiday treat tools from the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog (3-D Reindeer gingerbread cookies. Seriously.)
  • Last week I read about McDonalds courting soccer moms by upscaling all their interiors. This week, there was an interesting article about their food lab for developing regional menu items — they must have hired a new PR firm or something. It would be really cool if McDonalds implemented some of the regional Asian food in SF, but I doubt they’ll see the potential in doing so.
  • The Slow Food event in Turin — some day, I’m going to this.
  • My local paper also gave a medium-warm review for PJ’s Oysterbed — one of my least favorite restaurants in the City. Seriously — I love NOLA cuisine and was not impressed with the food, its prices, or the service. It appears the reviewer was not either, yet it’s not a negative review. Very confusing.
  • The Sunday and Thursday smaller farmers markets at the Ferry Building are ending, says the Chronicle, due to lack of participation/attendance. I went a few times to the Thursday evening market, but would rarely find something that called out to be taken home for dinner; you just need more options to tempt you.

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