Le Sanctuaire

Like everyone, I have a few places at which I simply do not allow myself to just "stop in." This includes Sephora, where a girl can easily drop a few hundred dollars on lip gloss and skin care products, and Anthropologie with all its cute dresses and sweaters that can easily blow a month’s discretionary spending.

And that’s why you won’t see me traipsing up the stairs to go to ‘s SF outpost of Le Sanctuaire. It’s hard enough for me to leave Sur La Table without coming home with some kitchen tool I can barely stuff into my overflowing utensils drawer. It would be dangerous for me to enter a place that supplies the tools and raw materials for all sorts of kitchen science projects. Just reading Amanda Gold’s Chronicle article this morning made me fear for my wallet. Like I could leave a place like that without trying to procure some of my favorite supplies from Italy and France.

I run away in the face of such temptation.

Le Sanctuaire
315 Sutter St., fifth floor, San Francisco
(415) 986-4216

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