120 Minutes era alternative rock videos

Back in the day, I would crawl into class on Monday mornings, wishing I could curl up and go to sleep under my desk. No, it wasn’t just a case of the Mondays — it was post-120 Minutes sleep deprivation in action. That’s right — MTV used to actually have shows that collected MUSIC VIDEOS and played them back-to-back for hours! Shocking, I know. And these were from bands like The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Peter Murphy, etc. Stuff you couldn’t really here outside of 91x in San Diego, KROQ in L.A. and Live105 in SF.

And now someone has collected a whole slew of 120 Minutes style video links from youtube and posted them here.

Enjoy! (and send me links for any JAMC you find on there)

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