Eat Local Challenge in September

My work schedule, combined with our online game’s raiding schedule, means it would be pretty hard for me to participate in a month-long "Eat Local" challenge. There’s just no way to be sure everything my local Indian delivery place makes comes from locally sourced ingredients, and making dinner at 10 p.m. is not fun for anyone.)

But the September "Eat Local" challenge, which is being co-hosted by Locavores, bears that in mind and gives slackers like me more ways to get into the spirit — even if we’re a few days short on our locally eating. Other ways you can get involved include:

  • Blog about the easy and hard parts of eating locally — either in your own blog or by sendng posts to their challenge blog
  • Support the challenge by adding the logo to your blog
  • Post photos of your local meals and farmers markets to their flickr group
  • Commit to making 1 all-loacl meal every week in September

Visit the Eat Local Challenge website for more details.

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