Specialtys Cookies…a Nefarious (but tasty) Treat

If you work in downtown San Francisco, eventually you encounter…the Specialtys cookie.

Upon first glance, the thick wedge of a cookie seems a little strange. It’s not the little round cookie blob you see shoved into jars on countless deli counters. And it’s not the small circles like you make at home.

But once you bite in to your first black and white, or milk chocolate, or almond tea cookie, you’re doomed. You will start having the midafternoon Specialtys cookie cravings.

My friend Stacy got hooked on the almond tea cookies and only broke their grip on her afternoons by taking a job without a Specialtys in walking distance.

I’d forgotten about this nefarious (but tasty) evil until my significant other started working downtown last month. Turns out someone had brought some in at his workplace. And now, he was hooked. In the past week, a good half dozen of those cookies have come home with us.

You have been warned.

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