Work Day Eats

I stopped to do the math this weekend regarding how much money I have been spending on eating breakfast and lunch downtown every day. It looks like I am spending about $20/day. Sure I have a few work at home days each month, but we are still talking about spending $300 per month on eating (often mediocre food) each work day. I am bored to death with the close by lunch places anhow, so I have gone back to bringing my breakfast and lunch, like I used to do almost every day.

The breakfast is usually the hardest part. I can not get up and eat breakfast. I have to wake up before I can even think about eating. So that rules out eating at home. And our kitchen at work = refrigerator and a microwave. No toaster. With those limitations in mind, my breakfasts at work are now instant oatmeal or Galaxy almond crunch granola with milk.

My favorite lunch item these days are sandwiches. sometimes more fancy, but usually pretty basic. I don't actually want sprouts or pickles on my sandwiches. Give me a good quality bread with roasted turkey and some havarti, easy on the mayo and mustard, and I'm happy. Today's sandwich is ham and mozarella on La Brea Bakery pugliese. And thanks to our Costco visit yesterday, I have a wee bag of goldfish crackers to accompany it.

It's going to be a good week, rain or shine.

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  1. My secret weapon in the fight against breakfast are Luna bars. $1 each at Trader Joe’s. (Everywhere else is too pricey.)

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