Foodie Reads Around the Web

  • I thnk I am going to try the chocolate-amaretti waffles over on Serious Eats, though I’m not going to use a heart-shaped waffle iron. No, that would be too cute for even me. Now if anyone has a spare hello kitty waffle iron lying around…
  • Cold wintery nights drive me to make more potatoe dishes than ever. The twice-baked potatoes from Rachael Ray look yum.
  • I hope to get in gear to make some chili from scratch. The Miami Herald had a southwestern style white chili I should try.
  • If I were going to a Super Bowl party, I would be on the lookout for artichoke dips. This recipe reminds tho that folks with food allergies need to ask hosts before diving in. I’m allergic to crab, and you usually can’t see it at a glance in stuff like this. Here’s hoping hosts use little notecards to keep guests aware of any potentially problematic ingredients.
  • Not sure I would actually make chocolate cake balls, but I love the photo posted along with it at Serious Eats.

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