Supermarkets as “Lifestyle Stores”

A few months ago, Whole Foods opened a swankier incarnation of itself in San Francisco. With its wine bar, bistro, expanded gourmet takeout etc., it’s part of the new "lifestyle store" trend that has now been expanded to…Safeway.

That’s right, the former workhorse of grocery stores opened its own "lifestyle store" in Livermore of all places.

I loathe going to your typical fluorescent lit, poorly stocked, supermarket. That’s why I frequent the Ferry Plaza Farmers market, Andronico’s and my local natural food store, Thom’s. And I get deliveries from Whole Foods when I can’t make it to any of those places, thanks to the Shophoppers delivery service.

I don’t know that a pottery barn makeover would make me spend more time and money at Safeway. I am either in the market for processed foods, or I’m not. Unless this makeover is complete with upgraded produce quality, it may not fly with other flks either.

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