Springtime Cooking

MMM Springtime cooking. I can tell it’s Springtime because I’ve recently made my favorite potato salad. Now that’s a dish I just don’t crave until the days start getting longer and the sunshine is streaming through the windows on the weekend.

This week’s SF Chronicle food section had all sorts of springtime temptations:

  • Ricotta Desserts. I am definitely going to try Ducca’s ricotta cheesecake recipe.
  • My standard potato salad is similar to this Berlin potato salad, but no pickles.
  • Aioloi is something on my dinner table with much frequency during the Spring and Summer months. Michael Bauer has a blog entry on aioli, incuding a standard aioli recipe.
  • Fish tacos actually smell more like Summer to me, but this article makes me want to try my hand at it.

My major baking project this Spring is continuing on my bake-through of the new Martha Stewart cookies book. So far, I’ve done the chocolate gingerbread cookies and the peanut butter & jelly cookie bars. I made the latter for Easter, expecting it to be a hit with the kids, but none of the kids would even try a taste. I think the roasted nitty crumble on top was too scary for them for some reason. Oh well.


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