keeping track of time

Ladybug_timerLast weekend, one batch of cookies turned out perfect while the other was overbrowned thanks to my timing the cookies by smell. Because yet again, my timer was kaput.

You see, I had a classic old timer but it would sometimes get stuck and not ring.

Then I had an electronic timer, but it was too heavy for its magnet and would fall of the fridge and lose its battery and the plastic cover. Plus, since it was white, flat and nondescript, if it was not on the fridge… I could never find it.

Then we got a super fancy egg shaped timer from Brookstone from Santa. But it started beeping for no reason in the evening, and its window became impossible to read except at a funny angle.

Which is why I bought this little ladybug at Sur La Table today. I am sure she won’t go missing.

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