Recession Parties Anyone?

I think we should totally have Recession Parties this holiday season, rather than traditional festive spare-no-expense fancy holiday parties. Many corporate entities have already canceled holiday parties, but lack of budget shouldn’t mean lack of ability to socialize with friends. In that spirit, I am bringing my WT dip to our department potluck, with pre-cut carrot and celery sticks and Ruffles.

If invited to such a party during non-work hours, if the host(ess) had heating facilities for their fellow potluckers, I would bring my tuna casserole with cheez-its topping. Who said being frugal can’t be fun and tasty? And as a bonus for the ladies, instead of buying a new outfit, a recession party would be the right opportunity to wear that bridesmaid dress your childhood best friend assured you would totally be re-wearable…

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  1. Unemployment is a growing concern and for good reason. The unemployment rate has hit levels not seen in decades, and a lot of people can’t even get an installment loan to keep them afloat until they can gain new employment. Growing contingents of economists are predicting 10% unemployment by the end of this economic crisis; several states are already there. California, Michigan, Rhode Island and South Carolina have all hit 10% thus far in the recession, with Oregon and North Carolina about to cross that threshold. (Wyoming has it good – the sole state under 4 %.) Many companies struggle, and more people file for benefits every day. Let’s hope the the good predictions are correct we’ll see a drop in unemployment in 2010.

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