Too Hot to Handle (Cooking)

The hot weather last
week completely KO'd my desire to cook anything. We're on the 4th floor without
AC, so the idea of heating up the house just to prepare dinner was a no-go. Hence
all the eating out and ordering in that went on last week. And whenever I eat
out too much, I rebound with a fury.

This weekend, at
Trader Joe's, I must have piled every attractive looking fruit and vegetable
into my cart. We dove into that treasure trove last night with stir fry
featuring boneless beef short ribs (cooked with a drizzle of honey and some
brown sugar) cut into bite-size chunks, cabbage, broccoli slaw, bell peppers,
carrots, and summer squash over rice. I meant to take a photo of it but it was
too yummy and we were too hungry so it was scarfed down in record time.
Trader Joe's produce
section is an excellent pit stop for pre-sliced veggies for salads or stir frys.
Just knowing that you can skip the chopping and clean up process makes it that
much easier to motivate (and faster) to get a healthy dinner on the
Tonight, thinking
about pan frying chicken breasts and serving them with a red potato and green
bean salad.

P.S. After all my online searching, I just made brownies with my Baker's Edge Brownie Pan
instead of anything fancy.

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