Another Foodie Newsletter: Tasting Table

I am awash in foodie email newsletters but can never resist adding another to the inbox. A friend forwarded today’s “Everywhere” edition of Tasting Table with a selection of tempting white wines. So far, no SF edition but they did let me check off a box that says “San Francisco (soon!) so I am hopeful.

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  1. Hi,
    It’s true! It’s true! How could we be a daily email that delivers the best of food and wine culture and not have a San Francisco edition? From what I heard from our CEO (great great guy named Geoff) a couple of days ago, San Francisco is slated to launch end of August/beginning of September.
    Thanks so so much for passing the Everywhere edition on — really appreciate it! Any questions or comments just let me know at — I work on marketing so am not as much fun to “talk” to as the editors — but…
    PS: I lived in the Bay Area for six years — miss it A LOT!!!
    Very best regards,
    Tasting Table

  2. Oh — just reread your post and it says a friend passed it on to you — not that you had passed it on…BUT you did write about us on your blog — big thanks for that and if you do happen to want to pass Tasting Table on that would be very much appreciated!!

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