Cupcake Perfection at Arlequin

Smores_cupcakeI almost never make it to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Plaza these days. The Saturday market is overcrowded with tourists if you get there after 10 a.m. (and I am usually trying to sleep in 'til 9.) Tuesday and Thursday's midday market is usually preempted by meetings at work.

But this week, I was actually able to make it to the smaller Thursday market at lunchtime. And it was there that I laid my eyes upon this perfect exhibit of cupcake deliciousness: the s'mores cupcake from Arlequin.

Despite the recent removal of several long-time tenants from the market for being too successful (i.e. Aidell's Sausages) to merit inclusion, this offshoot of Absinthe restaurant now has a booth of baked treats at the Thursday market. And these definitely stole the show.

The cupcake had a taste eerily reminiscent of a graham cracker. The chocolate frosting (which truthfully I would have loved a smidge more of) served as the base for the pile of mini marshmallows that were nicely torched on top.

Truly delish!

I also was able to bring home some dirty girl carrots and a teeny Napa cabbage, baby butter lettuces and carrots, and some Zuckerman red potatoes.

I really have to get there on a Tuesday again soon tho — I need some of those perfect Iacoppi Farms artichokes!

(originally posted, in error, to my gaming blog. Oy!)

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