Taking Care of Yourself

stained glass detail, scotlandI don't think I am the only one who finds it hard to make time to take care of herself.

I console myself with that thought as I tally up my seemingly never-ending to do list.

I had the big reality check on this topic a few weeks ago. We were out running our Saturday errands, and the clerk at BevMo wouldn't sell me the case of assorted wine I'd picked out. Why? Someone didn't have a valid ID.


I mean, I have a passport, but didn't have it with me. But my state issued ID was well over a year expired. How'd that happen? As a non-driver, it wasn't a priority to get it renewed when it expired. My work has been crazy busy for the past two years, and when I've had a day off or a vacation week, it hasn't synched up with being able to get an appointment at the DMV.

It's one small thing but it's a symptom of a larger issue. I've been coasting on fumes on the whole. Putting off doctors appointments, putting off calling neglected friends, putting off career development, putting off anything not on fire and needing immediate attention.

When you feel stretched too thin, it's easy to keep putting things off, regardless of their importance.

But I am putting a stake in the ground. No more putting off taking care of me. All the other stuff will still be there waiting.

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