Saying Goodbye to Severus Snape

Severus Snape...erm, make that Grape, in my Restaurant City restaurant

Sometimes you need to have a less ambitious weekend. That's how this one has turned out, after the landlady for the place we had an appointment to go see (a landlady who talked L's ear off for 15min about the place I might add) called to tell us it had been leased. Thus we ate the extra city car share hours, and spent some time cruising around the neighborhood looking for For Rent signs, then ran a ton of necessary but completely uninteresting errands.

My greatest accomplishment thus far this weekend? Helping L with his Restaurant City tasks, resulting in him attaining — and gifting to me– the adorable little Snape, erm, Grape, statue you see here in my restaurant.

I absolutely had to have him after seeing the final installment of the Harry Potter movies last weekend. I was misty-eyed for about the entire last half of that movie, as Severus Snape has pretty much been my favorite character in those films since I first laid eyes on him. Alan Rickman, with his Trent Reznor hairdo and terse comments, can you even imagine anyone else in the role but him?

Snape appealed to me as a character because, frankly, he reminded me of my teenage years. Snape was the sort of kid who would have hung out with my friends in the quad. He would have been in the front row of the Sisters of Mercy show with us. When he was having a tough day, he would have gotten a hug, not shoved into a locker. I recognize his dry sarcasm as a defense mechanism. And as the story plays out over the movies, I love how we get to see more and more what a truly amazing and caring person he is.

I'll stop now, before I say anything that may spoil something for someone whom has not yet seen the film. This is when I should mention that, unlike pretty much everyone I know, have not read any of the Harry Potter films. L has read them all, usually as soon as they were released. But I have experience Hogwart's only through the movies.

This has meant extreme vigilance in curbing (or completely turning off) my social media usage around release time of the movies, lest I be spoiled thoroughly before making it to the theater. I am happy to report that I made it to see this edition of the franchise without any spoilers reaching my eyes– tho just barely.

It continues to amaze me just how insensitive people are to others, and how eager they are to casually toss out spoilers in public media as soon as they themselves have seen something. There appears to be very little recognition or understanding as to how incredibly insensitive that is to other people. And then there are the people who *cackle* and rush to share spoilers with you. Luckily, it is incredibly easy to swiftly unfollow such folks.

If you love Snape as I do, here is some additional clicking for you:

4 Replies to “Saying Goodbye to Severus Snape”

  1. Ooh really? I think you’re the first Potter fans I’ve come across who hasn’t read the books! I think that’s great – it’s a completely different experience for you.
    I’m with you, I adore Snape’s character. He’s so easy to hate, but also to love. Alan Rickman is perfect.
    I also can’t stand people who share spoilers so openly.. I’m always *very* careful about what I say, even if I’m talking about something quite old because there will always be at least, but usually a fair few more, one person who hasn’t read/watched/played it and would like it to remain unspoiled. For example.. Star Wars? I haven’t finished watching the older ones, but it’s well and truly spoilt for me. Game of Thrones? Spoiled. And oh my God pre-new expansion in WoW is the worst.. People just don’t think.

  2. As you know, I am so with you RE: the people who fling about spoilers. And I have to say that on the whole the folks I’m connected to out in the Interwebs have gone to good lengths to not spoil me. But there are always those few bad apples (see why I did not log on to WoW for the week prior to the movie.)
    I wonder what it is exactly about WoW in particular that attracts the spoilerrific people? Because like you even though I tried on the whole to stay unspoiled for this expansion, I was spoiled on a number of things (most notably Sylvanas’ story line.)
    And as an aside, I feel like I better hurry up and read the Game of Thrones books already before that is lost to me as well!

  3. Game of Thrones hasn’t been spoiled for you yet? Lucky! I had two people spoil a pretty massive plot point for me before I’d had chance to watch or read it.. I was not at all pleased.
    But I don’t know.. There are an awful lot of trolls in WoW who enjoy annoying people. I had to unfollow a lot of people and skim read twitter pre-Cataclysm and I still occasionally stumbled across spoilers. I will never understand it! I’m just glad the book blogging community’s fantastic about spoilers.

  4. The only thing I was spoiled on recently was True Blood. We watch it on Netflix DvDs so we are always a season behind, and a friend who watches it on cable blurted something out recently. Come to think of it tho, that same friend did give me a general overall spoiler for Game of Thrones, but it’s nothing that will ruin the books for me.

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