Onward from a Dance with Dragons to NaNoWriMo

I've been devouring George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series for the past couple of months. I can't recall the last time a series of books has so captivated me that I've purchased the following books well before finishing the first tome. But that's how it has been with this series.

Yesterday, after a brunch of Spaten Optimator and Schnitzel at Steins on Clement (they opened on Monday in the old Pagan space), I popped in to Green Apple books with the hope that I would be able to pick up the 5th and latest book in the series, A Dance with Dragons, from their recently released used hardcover shelves. Luck was on my side — they had one copy!

I was hit with the realisation, however, that after I zip through this book in a week or so, as I've done with the others, I don't have a next book to drop myself into. I do hope Martin doesn't take another 6 years to finish the 6th book int he series. I can't wait that long!

Timing wise, it will be good to finish up the series mid month, so I can start prepping for NaNoWriMo. I was considering skipping it this year, due to the incredibly hectic pace at work, but, frankly, you need to have some creative brain time and this is such a good, disciplined way of working that in. I have a couple of ideas to choose from, and am not yet quite sure which one is going to win out.

I think to get into the daily writing groove I'm also going to start following some of the daily writing prmpts, such as the Daily Post blog. If you have other favorite sources of writing prompts let me know.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning this series. I haven’t heard of them.
    Last evening, after reading this post, I popped onto Amazon and read the first pages using their ‘At a Glance’ feature. It looks good, and so I logged onto my libraries site, and requested the first few books. Since I have several book shelves full of books, I’m trying to be good and not purchase any more hard copies. Sure, I could get an eBook, but I prefer holding my books.
    Anyway, that series must be popular since many people are on a waiting list at the local libraries in my area. However, I should get the first book sometime this weekend. Perfect timing, for my vacation.
    A writer I revently discovered is Lisa Unger. She’s an excellent writer. Her books are rich and wonderfully written psychological thrillers. I can’t remember how I discovered her book, Fragile, but upon reading it, I quickly devoured all the rest of the books she’s written. The lady has a lot of talent.

  2. I’ve been holding off, but most likely will pick up the iPad 2 soon.
    Anyway, I popped by to comment on the series you mentioned in this post…
    I took the first book with me for the Thanksgiving vacation; I loved it! So thank you for mentioning the series.
    I’m trying to be good and not order the second book. I’m on a waiting list at my local library. I think I’m #22, so yeah… it could be a while before I get it. /sighs If I don’t cave and just order the darn thing. 😉
    What’s interesting is that the remaining books in the series were available. I did have to wait a few days for some but not like with the second book.

  3. I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the series! I was completely involved in their world for a little over a month. I went to my local independent bookstore and bought paperbacks of books 2-5 after 100 pages or so of the first book. Hehe. Now, I am stuck waiting on book seven, which likely will not be for another few years.
    I think I am going to start on The Hunger Games next…

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