How Did My Holiday Wish List Get Overrun with Cookbooks Again?

stack of presents from Christmas 2010

I hadn't done a holiday wish list in years, before starting up again a few years ago at the request of my significant other's mom. Despite our sharing a common interest (loving to cook), since she rarely comes to see us in the City, she thus doesn't know what books and tools I have or do not. I get the impression it allows her to make some more informed gift choices.

I keep the Amazon wish list widget on my bookmarks bar so I can add things from anywhere I am on the web. That way I can tag adorable patterns on etsy or a Malificent pop vinyl doll on a geek news site. But somehow, every year, I end up with a stack of cookbooks in my list. Even though I have long been out of room for even 1 cookbook more on my shelves.

Here are the cookbooks that made my list this year:

  • Everyday Food made the list because of how often I make recipes from the magazine's pages.I love that on a whole, their recipes are always relatively quick and easy, yet do not rely on canned or processed food shortcuts to achieve the speed-to-table.
  • Both Bi-Rite and Cooking My Way Back Home are San Franciscan-authored, and focus on taking advantage of all the amazing seasonal produce and handcrafted food stuffs available to us in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a feeling these two would give me a ton of new ideas for using up my Farmers' Market bounty.
  • And finally, Mozza. This one made the list due to my admiration of La Brea Bakery founder Nancy Silverton, and the fact that other than my well-worn Marcella Hazan paperbacks, I actually don't have a real Italian cookbook.

What's on your wish list this year?

2 Replies to “How Did My Holiday Wish List Get Overrun with Cookbooks Again?”

  1. Hmm, those all look like great cookbooks.
    I love Indian cuisine, and so if choose a cookbook, and so one of those would definitely be on the list. I have one Yamuna Devi’s cookbooks, but haven’t purchased any other books focused on Indian quisine. One of my blog buddies is Malaysian, and he’s always posting some tempting dishes so I’ll have to do a Google search or simply ask him for some Malaysian cookbook recommendations.
    I need to buckle down and whip up some crafts, Each Christmas, I make a few items for my daughter. The time has flown by that I haven’t done too much. /guilty
    While we’re on Thanksgiving vacation, I’m planning on getting a lot of the craft items complete. She’ll be surrounded by uncles, aunties, and cousins and so when she’s whisked away — I’ll be creating and hanging with family. 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE Indian cuisine. I would be thrilled if one day I could perfect chicken tikka masala (my all time favorite comfort food.) I keep looking around hopefully for an all-day Indian cooking class but have not found one yet.

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