FOUND: Kinder Hippos in SF!

Whenever I travel to the EU, I make a point of bringing home a dozen Kinder Hippos so I can instantly transport myself back into vacation brain. And yes, whenever I hear a friend is traveling to a City where I know a place to buy them, I make sure to beg for candy.

But I shall no longer have to bribe travelers to make room in their bags for these hazelnut and chocolate wafer treats: Royal Market and Bakery (the awesome Russian grocery up the street) had them today!

I bought myself a box of five, and one for Lewis as well. But I'm putting my name on my box to make sure he doesn't think he can sneak an extra one when I'm not looking…


Sharffen Bummer

My favorite chocolatemaker, Berkeley’s Sharffen Berger, was just bought by Hershey.

I can understand their point of view — it takes cash flow to keep innovating and growing. But I *love* their chocolate and would be bummed to see them be pressured to make changes based on national mass market consumer data.

Keep your fingers crossed.