Wikipedia Founder at the Commonwealth Club next week

Wikipedia‘s founder, Jimbo Wales, is going to be the guest at the next INFORUM Commonwealth Club event on July 18. I have lots of respect for his creation — not only has it allowed many a lazy writer such as myself the ability to avoid a trip to the library, it’s also spawned one of my favorite websites — WoW Wiki.

Personally, I’d like to create my own wiki to categorize my recipes and foodie articles, culinary website links, etc. But since I lack the time and willingness to spend the cash on setting one up, maybe I’d just better find some existing wiki and start a build-out in that area.

PowerPoint for Tots

At the end of this NPR piece on technology for kids, the reporter talks about how some 3rd graders are "already giving presentations in their classes in PowerPoint" and has obtained a laptop for his 5-year-old so he’s not "left behind."

That’s the scariest thing I have heard in ages.

Shouldn’t we allow children time to be children? Won’t they have decades upon decades of toiling away in PowerPoint® ahead of them? What’s the big rush? Are our children failures if they don’t start their first entrepreneurial venture by puberty?

Rules for Apartment Living, circa 1965

My apartment building was built in the mid 1960s as a retirement-oriented living place. The apartments were tricked out with the latest and greatest pastel fashion colored appliances: pink or yellow bathrooms (yes — tub, tile, sink, and commode all in said color), and pink or blue kitchens (fridge, stove and dishwasher.)

I am thankful my apartment’s baby blue appliances were yanked from the walls before I took up residence. Unfortunately, the yellow tub and sink did not meet a similar fate. One other relic from the apartment’s original incarnation was found stapled inside one of my kitchen cabinets. It was a list of rules for genteel apartment living. I think my favorite rule is not to grind up anything stringy in the garbage disposal and to avoid grinding pits and bones to spare one’s neighbors from the "terrible noise".

I share the list here for your pleasure. Yes, photo #2 is crooked but I am too lazy to retake the photo today.

PHOTOS: 2004 SF/SPCA Holiday Windows


For the past few years, I’ve gathered up coworkers to participate in the SF/SPCA‘s annual Holiday Windows fundraiser and adoption event.

From now until December 24, a multitude of frisky, adoptable homeless cats and dogs, kittens and puppies will be frolicking in the O’Farrell-corner windows at Macy’s Union Square.

In my opinion, this is a vast improvement over the annoying animatronic Disney Scrooge/Mickey scenario of recent years. Well, except for the inevitable traffic jams it causes on Stockton Street. But I can get over that more easily than hearing the Christmas Carol story over and over and over.

The shelter cats and dogs will be appearing in the windows every day, from one hour after the store opens until one hour before it closes (check daily store hours for exact times). SF/SPCA representatives will be on hand at the Adoption Outreach booth, on Macy*s 1st Floor, to assist potential adopters, accept donations,  answer questions.

If you would like to volunteer at The SF/SPCA Holiday Windows at Macy*s Union Square, contact Kay Harnish-Ladd at (415) 522-3543 or Shifts last 2 hours and consist of handing out information on the available animals and The SF/SPCA and collecting donations.