A House Without a Kitty is not a Home

It's been far too quiet around these parts since Mister Bill's passing.

We gave ourselves time to grieve and get used to the absence of Bill.

Once we were ready to let some furry little ones into our heart, we started our research. We never once considered purchasing a purebred cat, or buying from a pet store. There are far too many orphaned and abandoned pets looking for homes to do that in my opinion.

The SF Bay Area has a number of cat rescue organizations, many of which post on craigslist when they have fostered animals needing placements in permanent homes. It was through craigslist that we found Wonder Cat Rescue.

I was impressed with their adoption application and its thoroughness in ensuring a prospective cat adopter understood adopting a pet is a significant lifetime commitment, not something to be taken lightly. After filling it out, I emailed to express interest in a pair of kittens we'd seen.

I received a prompt email back from Stephanie to let us know that although those two sisters had been spoken for, she had two brothers looking for a home. We set up an appointment to meet the kittens and have a playdate under the watchful eye of their foster parents.

When we arrived to meet them, we were welcomed to the apartment by the resident kitty. She did a great job of showing the initially skeptical kittens that we were worth checking out, what with all our chin scratchies and pets.

The boys soon determined that we seemed to be OK, and that we had toys, and surrendered themselves to 45 minutes of mildly strenuous play while we talked to the foster parents.

Fun Fact: You can play with 1 mouse on a string with two kitties at one time provided you can keep mouse end and string end moving simultaneously and with 6 inches between them.

This afternoon, we got the notification that our adoption was approved. So now we're just waiting to hear back from the foster parents as to a good day and time to pick them up. To say that we are thrilled is an understatement.


San Francisco Bay Area Cat Rescues

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goodbye mister bill kitty

You are very much loved and will forever be missed.

I am so lucky to have had 17 years with such a smart and handsome kitty. And believe it or not, I didn’t pick Bill — he found his way to me through my record store boss when I was in college.

You see, she was house-hunting in Chula Vista, and saw a Free Kittens sign.

She knew I had just moved into my own place — an improbable Alice in Wonderland style cottage behind a house, with a couple of acres of canyonlands fenced in. And I missed my kitties at home terribly.

Thus, she and her boyfriend Todd picked up this little guy, and headed back to San Diego.

“Did you still want a kitty?” she asked me on the phone while I was at the counter. “Yes…” I replied.

“Well, stay there!” she commanded.

An hour or so later she walked in with this little guy.

He was so tiny he fit into the palm of one hand. Upon meeting me he mewed until I snuggled him into my neck, at which point he started purring and nuzzling my neck. I was immediately in love with him.

He definitely preferred his spacious SoCal yard to our tiny San Francisco apartments. But he made due.

I will carry him around in my heart always.

why so quiet

Things have been quiet around here lately not due to lack of things to write about, but because I have been preoccupied with RL. After several weeks of issues, my beloved kitty has been diagnosed with cancer(lymphoma, intestinal). I just haven’t felt like writing much.

PHOTOS: 2004 SF/SPCA Holiday Windows


For the past few years, I’ve gathered up coworkers to participate in the SF/SPCA‘s annual Holiday Windows fundraiser and adoption event.

From now until December 24, a multitude of frisky, adoptable homeless cats and dogs, kittens and puppies will be frolicking in the O’Farrell-corner windows at Macy’s Union Square.

In my opinion, this is a vast improvement over the annoying animatronic Disney Scrooge/Mickey scenario of recent years. Well, except for the inevitable traffic jams it causes on Stockton Street. But I can get over that more easily than hearing the Christmas Carol story over and over and over.

The shelter cats and dogs will be appearing in the windows every day, from one hour after the store opens until one hour before it closes (check daily store hours for exact times). SF/SPCA representatives will be on hand at the Adoption Outreach booth, on Macy*s 1st Floor, to assist potential adopters, accept donations,  answer questions.

If you would like to volunteer at The SF/SPCA Holiday Windows at Macy*s Union Square, contact Kay Harnish-Ladd at (415) 522-3543 or kladd@sfspca.org. Shifts last 2 hours and consist of handing out information on the available animals and The SF/SPCA and collecting donations.