A Very Scary Halloween…Courtesy of Martha

I remember when my friend Adrienne gave me the martha Stewart Halloween special issue many years ago. I loved her amazing pumpkins, the creepy cupcakes, and — most of all — her super scary spider lady costume.

The Martha Stewart Living folks have a new Halloween special publication, and it looks like most of it is online. Lots of inspiration for bad things to make the holiday a little more evil (yet delicious)

Marthapedia…coming soon

Martha I’m going to pick I’ve picked up the new issue of Wired magazine because they had Martha Stewart host their how-to issue. Yeah Martha! In the Martha interview conducted by boingboing co-founder Mark Frauenfelder (long a a favorite writer of mine) Martha announced she’s working on… a Martha wiki. Whoo-hoo! I admit to having some of her how-tos clipped out and sitting in a binder, and am excited about being able to search them wiki-style in the future.

Recent Food Reads

Food news from around the web…

  • The Philadelphia Daily News had a nice profile on Ruth Reichl this week.
  • NotMartha blogged on some tempting holiday treat tools from the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog (3-D Reindeer gingerbread cookies. Seriously.)
  • Last week I read about McDonalds courting soccer moms by upscaling all their interiors. This week, there was an interesting article about their food lab for developing regional menu items — they must have hired a new PR firm or something. It would be really cool if McDonalds implemented some of the regional Asian food in SF, but I doubt they’ll see the potential in doing so.
  • The Slow Food event in Turin — some day, I’m going to this.
  • My local paper also gave a medium-warm review for PJ’s Oysterbed — one of my least favorite restaurants in the City. Seriously — I love NOLA cuisine and was not impressed with the food, its prices, or the service. It appears the reviewer was not either, yet it’s not a negative review. Very confusing.
  • The Sunday and Thursday smaller farmers markets at the Ferry Building are ending, says the Chronicle, due to lack of participation/attendance. I went a few times to the Thursday evening market, but would rarely find something that called out to be taken home for dinner; you just need more options to tempt you.

Dunkin Donuts & Hot Dogs?

When I first started my morning commute on the 38-Geary bus line in San Francisco, I would pass by a garish neon sign that always made my stomach churn at least a little bit – “Teriyaki Donuts” it advertised to the passersby.

Eventually, that place closed, and the idea of donuts comingling with other cuisine left my head entirely. But apparently there are plenty of other folks with it kicking around in their head. Like that place in Detroit that has the coffee, donut and beef stew special. And now, Dunkin Donuts. I wonder if they are going to offer their new dishes — like hot dogs — deep fried?

Spring Fling

Lackluster produce on our limited trips to the grocery store plus full-on World of Warcraft obsession as I sprinted to the final level (60) last month while traveling excessively for work meant dinners got simple and not so exciting. I mean, I forgot for 24 hours that I’d put oven spray in the oven, and then took all week to clean it up enough to use it again. That’s how little I was doing any serious cooking.

The sunshine and my purchase of an amazing selection of treats at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market today makes up for that barren month:

1x basket of luscious, fragrant little strawberries
¾ pounds freshly shelled peas
Half pound of medium-sized fava beans
2x Sicilian thornless artichokes
1x Mt. tam triple crème cheese
1x big wedge of imported parmesan
1x sweet batard
4x ½” slices of boneless pork loin, pounded by the butcher
2x market steaks
1x ground beef

The above will be used as follows…

Breaded, baked pork loin with a fava bean and parmesan shavings “salad” and roasted yukon gold potatoes. Fettucine or tagliatelle with a crème sauce, bacon and peas. Seared steak with a red wine sauce and artichokes with aioli. “Taco Mac” – a.k.a. 1 box of Annie’s Organics mac n’ cheese blended with a pound of seasoned taco meat. Baguette and cheese for starters until it’s gone. Strawberries and ice cream from Joe’s Ice Cream up the street after all the Nilla Wafer banana pudding I made last night is gone.