Faux Slaw

For the longest time, coleslaw kind of grossed me out. It was always this weirdly slimey mess of vegetables you'd get on the side of your turkey club sandwiches at diners. And not something I wanted to eat.

But at some point, I had some really good tangy, crunchy cole slaw. Probably from East Coast West deli or Max's Opera Cafe. And now, every so often, I get the craving for it. But just for one serving. Last night, I came up with a faux slaw that acted as a coleslaw stand-in snack while I played on the computer.

Faux Slaw

  • 1 handful shredded purple cabbage
  • 1 handful shredded carrots
  • 1 handful broccoli slaw
  • 1 TBSP Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
  • 3 or 4 turns of the pepper mill

In a small salad bowl, combine the veggies, add the salad dressing, combine until well-coated. Finish with the pepper. Fast, easy, tasty, and a little lower-calorie than a traditional coleslaw.

Broccoli Slaw

I ran in to the Bristol Farms grocery store near my workplace on my lunch hour yesterday, to pick up materials to create a chicken stir fry for dinner. And that is where I found — and purchased– a pre-shredded and bagged broccoli slaw.

Basically, it’s a bag of matchstick-sized slivers of broccoli (minus their floret tops), shredded carrots and some red cabbage. But mostly it’s just the broccoli. I ended up using the slaw, plus red onions, more carrots, and a red bell pepper to make one of my best stir-fries yet.

This is monumental in our household because…I am a broccoli hater. As in I pick it out of food at home and avoid it when eating out. I just never liked the texture if its florets.

But these crunchy little slivers of broccoli without the tops? They were so tasty! And I am now looking forward to finding more ways to incorporate them into dinners. Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not me…