Foodie Podcasts

The bulk of my iTouch playtime is not the several days worth of music it holds – it’s the podcasts. And not surprisingly, I have found a couple of good foodie podcasts.

KCRW’s Good Food

This weekly podcast by Angeleno Evan Kleiman is my favorite foodie podcast, hands down. Always thoroughly informative, and featuring a regular farmers market report, I listen to this one as soon as it’s released. Favorite recent stories include cupcake fetish, a kugel-off, and the art of Mexican cooking.

Kitchen Window

This weekly podcast focuses on a timely topic each week, with a different food lover at the helm. The cold summer soup story was especially timely, given the cold corn soup I had enjoyed at Bouchon a few days prior to listening.

Hidden Kitchens

This weekly podcast takes you to small/unconventional kitchens throughout the world. It satisfies my foodie wanderlust.

I listen to Hidden Kitchens and Kitchen Window primarily through the NPR food page’s associated podcast. In addition to grabbing the weekly editions of those 2 podcasts, it also aggregates food related content from NPR’s wide range of podcasts.

I am hoping to find more foodie podcast content soon. Or even start making some of my own.

cupcake fetish

KCRW’s Good Food had a fun piece on cupcake obsessions. Before listening, I had no idea that cupcake lovers had amassed a google map enabled cupcake compendium called Cupcake Fetish.

mmm cupcakes.

I have a coworker who is a cupcake-obsessed home baker. This morning, she tried out a new valhrona chocolate cupcake on her loyal/eager cupcake testers. Nothing is more of a guilty indulgence than a teeny tiny baby cupcake.

After I try out one of the brownie recipes in this month’s Saveur to break in my Baker’s Edge brownie pan, I am definitely going to play around more with some cupcakes before we are finished with summer berries at the market.