Broccoli Slaw

I ran in to the Bristol Farms grocery store near my workplace on my lunch hour yesterday, to pick up materials to create a chicken stir fry for dinner. And that is where I found — and purchased– a pre-shredded and bagged broccoli slaw.

Basically, it’s a bag of matchstick-sized slivers of broccoli (minus their floret tops), shredded carrots and some red cabbage. But mostly it’s just the broccoli. I ended up using the slaw, plus red onions, more carrots, and a red bell pepper to make one of my best stir-fries yet.

This is monumental in our household because…I am a broccoli hater. As in I pick it out of food at home and avoid it when eating out. I just never liked the texture if its florets.

But these crunchy little slivers of broccoli without the tops? They were so tasty! And I am now looking forward to finding more ways to incorporate them into dinners. Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not me…