Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving

Although this blog has been woefully neglected as of late (yes, you can blame the gaming blog) and the World of Warcraft expansion that came out 2 weeks ago), it is neither abandoned nor forgotten.

I am in back-to-back meetings til 5:00 and am then taking the next 3 days off in celebration of my favorite holiday — Thanksgiving. I have always enjoyed the fact that it is a holiday truly based on conviviality — we gather with friend and family for the purpose of sharing food and wine and conversation. What more can you want form a holiday?

This year, as per the past few years, I am playing the role of guest, rather than co-hostess for dinner. Overall that is fine by me since a big dinner clean up is not one of my favorite things to do. However, I do miss making my own gravy. I’d gotten pretty good at it. I’ll have to make us a very small turkey for New Year’s just to have an excuse for gravy making…

A very happy thanksgiving to all of you U.S. peeps. I hope you get to share some quality time with the people you love.